Experienced product & UX design leader. Healthy procrastinator, serendipitous amatuer writer, illustrator. Capable of tickling a few funny bones, so they say.

I am a bit of a curious cat. The inquisitiveness made me a “tinkerer-thinker” – a trait that came in handy in my design career. I like to start at the root of a problem and work my way up. I enjoy doing research to unravel what makes something tick – or doesnt.

As a design leader, I value integrity over accountability, pragmatism over perfection. I encourage teams to throw everthing at a problem until we have a solution that works and not merely tick boxes in a process. I believe there is beauty in simplicity and minimalism.

I am currently on a self-imposed sabbatical focusing on a creative project I have been putting off for a long time. I was with Amazon for close to 6 years. I started as a Senior UX Designer in 2016 and switched to leading design teams as UX Design Manager in India and the UK.

Prior to Amazon, I have spent around 15 years in UX, crafting product experiences and mentoring design teams in large organisations like Yahoo! and Linkedin as well as startups like HolidayIQ and Affle. I also consulted with UX agencies, PebbleRoad and InfoLab in Singapore between 2006-9.

In the past, I have spoken and conducted UX workshops at local start-up events and premier design schools like National Institute of Design (NID) and IIT Kanpur.

I have a Masters in Interaction Design from Interaction-Ivrea, Italy and a Bachelor of Fine Art (BFA) from Sir J. J. Institute of Applied Art, Mumbai.

I read, write & draw whenever something bothers me or inspires me – sometimes, it’s hard to tell the difference! I enjoy yoga, meditation and cooking with my wife at our home in Bangalore when we are not traveling.

I try hard to doing nothing, if time permits.